WEEK THREE | Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Apples and Oranges
Family Activity

Supplies: an apple and an orange – or two similarly sized, but different smooth objects

Start by reading Matthew 14:13-22.

Form a circle with the whole family or group participating. Pass the apple to one side and the orange to another. After each object has gone around the full circle, do it again. This time- kids are not allowed to use their hands. They can use feet, elbows, knees, etc to pass the objects- but not hands. If someone drops any fruit, they can continue to play, but with eyes closed! This should be fun- stop the activity early if a child becomes frustrated.

Discuss these questions:

1. The first time we did this it was easy. Why? ( Everyone could use their hands- we were all equal)

2. Why did kids start having trouble? ( They could not use hands like adults could. It was harder to hold and pass items)

3. What did the adults do? ( They helped us do things it was hard for us to do by ourselves)

4. In this world, we do not all have the same opportunities. Some people have more money, food, clothes than others. What would Jesus want us to do, even if we don’t have that much? ( Share what we have with others. Help others)

5. The boy in this story did not have enough lunch to feed everyone. Why do you think he shared? ( He thought he might be able to help one or two people, but Jesus used his gift to help everyone there)

6. What can you learn from the boy who shared his lunch? ( Jesus can use our gifts to do more than we can imagine)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for everything you have provided for me and my family. Help us to love other people by sharing your gifts with others. Thank you for loving me and for loving all people. Amen.

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Last week we had a bunch of screws in the picture and many more guesses than the previous week. The correct answer was 478 screws.

Congratulations to Micah Thompson who had the closest guess! He will receive a prize this week.

Here is this weeks photo. How many pretzels in the jar? Make sure to email your guess ( one per child please) to eric.gerken@poporlando.com or text it to 402-620-5877.


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