WEEK SIX | Jesus Visits Mary & Martha

Jesus Visits Mary & Martha
Luke 10:38-42

Family Activity/Lesson

Gather the family in a large room in your house. Give each child one minute to select something IMPORTANT; discuss what the word “important” means. Say go!

When they bring back the IMPORTANT item, discuss why that item is IMPORTANT.

Next, challenge the kids to find two additional IMPORTANT items in the house. Discuss these items as well and help them determine if the items they have selected are important or merely something that they like.

Read the Bible lesson for today: Luke 10:38-42

1) What did Jesus tell the sisters was important? ( Listening to Him)

2) How do we do this? ( Reading/listening to God’s Word in the Bible)

3) How can we show Jesus that He is important in our lives? ( Making time to read/hear His Word, sharing His message with others, attending church, etc) 

Prayer: Dear Jesus, You are the most important thing in my life. Thank you for loving me and saving me. Help me to show the world how important you are by sharing your love! Amen.

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Each week we put up a new picture and ask kids to guess how many objects. The last few weeks have seen lots of entries; keep those entries coming and invite your friends to do so too! 

Congratulations to Maddie M. for winning last weeks how many marbles challenge! She was very close with her guess of 190 with the correct answer being 167! She will receive a prize from Prince of Peace/Principe de Paz this week.

Here is this weeks challenge: HOW MANY CANDIES IN THE JAR? HINT- less than 100.



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