WEEK SEVEN | Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers
Luke 17:11-19

Family Activity: Step Out

Supplies: Eggs, plastic sheet (if desired), blindfold

Spread out the plastic sheeting and place several eggs on it. (You can skip the sheet if playing outdoors) Choose a person to be blindfolded and spin them around a few times to disorient them. Then, have everyone else take turns giving them directions about where to step to cross the plastic sheeting but avoid stepping on eggs. Take turns so that everyone gets a chance to try. If someone steps on an egg, allow them to try again or skip to the next person.

Then discuss these questions:

1) How would you have crossed the sheet if no one was giving you directions? ( I probably would have stepped on an egg)

2) What if you decided to do your own thing instead of following directions? ( I probably would have stepped on an egg) 

3) Jesus gave the 10 lepers directions to do something they didn’t understand. Why do you think they did what Jesus said? ( They trusted Him) 

4) Was their a time in your life that your parents or teachers asked you to do something you didn’t understand? Did you do it? Why? ( You trust your parents/teachers)

5) Jesus asks us to trust Him. Sometimes that is not easy. Sometimes he asks us to love our enemies, to forgive people we are mad at and other things that might not make sense to us. Why does he do that? ( To help us love them as much as he does) 

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving me and saving me. Help me to follow you wherever you lead me, even when I don’t understand. Amen


Each week we put up a new picture and ask kids to guess how many objects. The last few weeks have seen lots of entries; keep those entries coming and invite your friends to do so too! 

THANK YOU to all of the families who have played and entered the weekly estimation contests! It was fun seeing how close everyone got this week. The final winner for the summer is Ethan V. whose guess of 97 was only ONE number off from the correct answer of 98! He was the closest to getting a perfect match we had all summer! 

Congrats also to all of our other winners this summer- Madi S, Micah T, Noah R, Maddie M, and Naomi T! Great job!  We are all done with Guesses for the summer – BUT, In just a few weeks we will be launching our Fall Online Family Bible Program! 

Watch for details about this new English/Spanish opportunity and NEW contests that you can enter as a family!


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