WEEK FOUR | Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Walks on Water
Matthew 12:23-33

Supplies: A picture of Jesus ( If you don’t have one in your home you can print the one here),

a bucket, a large spoon for each person, some plastic easter eggs, or similar objects

Place the Picture of Jesus across the room ( tape your printed ) and place the bucket directly underneath the picture. Take turns racing each other across the room to put your egg in the bucket- but you can’t touch the egg with your hand.

ALSO- very important- you cannot look at the egg- you have to KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS. If someone sees you looking at anything but Jesus or you drop the egg- you need to start over.

After you have played as much as you like discuss the following:

1) How does this activity remind you of our Bible story ( When Peter looked around and not at Jesus, that is when he sunk)

2) What makes you afraid?

3) How can focusing, or keeping our eyes on Jesus help? ( We trust that Jesus is more powerful than anything)

4) Is it easy or hard to keep looking at Jesus? ( It can be hard- sometimes we want to solve problems our own way and not trust Jesus)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for all you have done for me. Help me to look to you when I am scared or in trouble and to trust you. Thank you for loving me. Amen

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BONUS Family Bible Craft

I’m Trusting You | Group Publishing


Each week we put up a new picture and ask kids to guess how many objects. The last two weeks have seen lots of entries; keep those entries coming and invite your friends to do so too!

This week’s guess of “how many pretzels?” our winner was Noah Reynolds with 200 as his guess. Way to go Noah! He will receive a prize from Mr. Eric this week.

( Hint: there are more than 400) 
Email your guesses to Mr. Eric (eric.geken@poporlando.com) or text him at (402-620-5877) by Wednesday morning.


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