WEEK FIVE | The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37

Supplies needed: Index cards (or playing cards, popped popcorn, sugar cubes)

You might want to remind your kids of Pastor Ken’s message about Building on the Rock from last week’s sermon as you work through this lesson too!

You will work together to build one (or work independently to have each person build their own) card house (s)

Start with a base of popcorn. The cards should be ON the popcorn, not next to it. When one level is done, then pit popcorn down on that level and build another. Build as tall as you can.

Then do the exact same thing with sugar cubes instead of popcorn. The sugar cube house should be much taller and sturdier

Discuss the Following:

1) Which building was easier to build? Why?

2) Which building was stronger? Why?

3) Were the priest and/or the Levite more like the popcorn or sugar cube? Why? (Popcorn- they didn’t do anything to make the house strong)

4) How was the sugar cube like the Samaritan? (He supported the man – he helped and made him stronger)

5) How is God like the Samaritan to us? (He always helps)

6) How can we support our friends and family? ( Tell them about God’s love, help them with their needs)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving me and always helping me. Thank you for everything you do for me. Help me to help others and to serve them with your love. Amen


Each week we put up a new picture and ask kids to guess how many objects. The last two weeks have seen lots of entries; keep those entries coming and invite your friends to do so too! 

Congratulations to Naomi Thompson for winning last weeks how many marshmallows challenge! She was very close with her guess of 402 with the correct answer being 408!

Here is this weeks challenge: HOW MANY MARBLES IN THE JAR? HINT- their are more than 150.

Remember to text ( 402-620-5877) or email (eric.gerken@poporlando.com) your answers by Wednesday morning. The winner will receive a prize from Prince of Peace; only one entry per child please.


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