WEEK ONE | Jesus Turns Water into Wine

I Can Help
Family Devotion/Activity

Read John 2:1-11 with a Children’s Bible or a Bible with simple language for a child.

Choose one person to cover their eyes. Instruct that person to walk from one end of the room to the other while keeping their eyes closed. The rest of the family will help this person by giving them verbal cues. Take turns doing this (you may want to move a piece of furniture or add some safe obstacles so that it is different for every person).

Another or additional way of doing this is to spread out various objects on the floor of different sizes and shapes. One at a time, have each person try to pick up and hold all items while not using their hands. After a few attempts, offer to have everyone help the person until all items have been picked up. ( It is up to you whether helpers can use hands or not) 

After enjoying this activity, discuss the following:

1) How did you feel when you had to walk with your eyes closed/ pick up items without your hands? (Helpless, I knew I needed help) 

2) How do you think the couple at the wedding would have felt if it was discovered that they ran out of wine? (embarassed, like they needed help but didn’t know how)

3) How did you feel when we helped you cross the room/ pick up the items? (Relieved, thankful) 

4) How do you think the couple at the wedding felt when Jesus helped them? (Relieved, thankful) 

5) What can we learn from Jesus about helping our friends and family? (It feels good to help, I want to help and know that Jesus will help me when I need help) 

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for being the best helper. Like you helped at the wedding, I know you help me and my family everyday. Help me to show the world that I love you by giving me chances to help others everyday. Amen


Each week we will post a picture and ask you to guess how many items are in it. One guess per child please. The first child with the correct number will have a prize delivered to them. In the event that no one is correct, we will give the prize to the closest guess.

Here is this week’s picture. How many craft poms in this picture?
Email your response to eric.gerken@poporlando.com by noon on Wednesday to be eligible to win!


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