Powerful Witnesses

April 3, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Acts 5:12-32 |


After Jesus’ Resurrection and through the power of His Holy Spirit, we see how God gave many convincing proofs of Christ’s Resurrection through the Apostles’ ministry of teaching, healing, and releasing people from the power of the evil one. God was at work leading more and more people to believe in Jesus. The Apostles (and, in particular, Peter) had gone from those who had shrunk back when Jesus was arrested to those who boldly testify to what they had seen and heard—specifically, their encounters with the Resurrected One. Our day and age longs for a powerful witness to the love of Jesus and the truth of His Resurrection. People need His redemptive power in their lives. How can we be praying for those to whom God desires to reveal Himself? How are our lives, like those of the Apostles, also living demonstrations of God’s power and grace?