Fear Not Where You Stand with God

December 17, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Luke 2:8-11 |


In the midst of the darkness stood shepherds, guarding sheep throughout the watches of the night. Suddenly the brightest of lights breaks through the darkness as an angel of the Lord appears with an announcement to make. What would you do? Would you be afraid?Perhaps the shepherds had reason to be afraid: theirs was a dirty job, one which left them virtually in a state of being ceremonially unclean. (Read: not fit to stand before God in His temple.) And yet, to them comes the earliest announcement of Messiah’s birth. Fear not. The Deliverer is born. This is Good News that brings joy! While none of us deserves to have God come to us, the Good News is that His Son has come to dispel the darkness. How will you share this Good News?