Fasting for Reconciliation

April 5, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 11:1-12 |


As the love of Jesus changes hearts, minds, and lives—as more are added to the number of those who follow Jesus—should there be a distinction between those who are “insiders” and those who are “outsiders”? If so, what would that distinction be? The Apostle Peter and the early church is faced with that question as God’s Spirit changes the lives of Gentile believers (“outsiders”). The truth is, apart from the reconciliation that Jesus brought about on the cross, reconciling God and people, we would all be outsiders. Our God is the One who brings those who are outside in from the cold and desolate spiritual landscape of this world, so that our hearts and lives would be warmed by the love of Jesus. That is what changes lives, here, and for eternity. Was there ever a time you felt like an outsider? How does God desire to use us to let others know of the tender love of Jesus so that they would be brought in from the cold? How do we humbly confess that it is only by grace that we find ourselves on the inside, in the tender embrace of the Savior?