Everlasting Father

December 16, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 64:1-9, John 5:16-30 |


It might seem a little unusual to think of Jesus, the Sonof God, having the royal title “Everlasting Father” applied to Him—but that is precisely what the Lord does in Isaiah’s prophesy of the Messiah. The title speaks to the character of Christ’s reign. Like a father, Jesus would protect His people; like a father, Jesus would provide for His people. Although this king from heaven is mighty, He is also benevolent in His care. God’s people can take refuge in Christ’s reign, for not only is it absolute, but it will never come to an end. In this chaotic world, in what ways do you need Christ to reign in you today? How can you point others to see that there is so much more than the here-and-now by introducing them to Jesus’ everlasting reign, so that they, too, would experience His providence, protection, and grace?