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Health & Safety Guidance: If you are not well, please stay at home and join us for worship online. In light of updated CDC recommendations and the spread of the highly transmissible “Delta variant” in our community:  To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission. CLICK HERE to read more.

We will host our annual in-person Trunk or Treat event on Sunday, October 24th for kids and families from our church, preschool and our neighbors! This event will feature carnival games with prizes, a raffle, food and, of course, decorated trunks for our kids to visit and receive candy treats! The event will run from 4:00- 6:00 in the Family Life Center and parking lot. We hope you will join us!

Eighth Annual Hymn Festival • “For All the Saints” • Lutheran Church of the Redeemer — Saturday, November 6 • 4:00 pm. Come sing along and be entertained by extraordinary music and hymns, including old, familiar tune and new original compositions! Featuring Composer and Organist, Mr. David Ludwig, Jr. A wine & cheese and chili potluck dinner follows the service. Everyone is welcome to attend! 

Our Preschool has a Scholarship Fund was established to help families with the cost of their tuition. This fund has been used much more recently to help support many of our families throughout the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, there is an increased demand for assistance. Our current monthly demand is $2,500. One of the families that utilizes the funds are members of our congregation, as congregation with a school we should do everything possible to make sure members have means to attend our school. This fund allows us to continue to spread the message of Christ through our outreach to families in our community. Click this link to give online: www.poporlando.com/give

Fruits of Faith – We are again reporting “Fruits of Faith” in our weekly news. Fruits of Faith refers to some of the objective measures we have of how God is at work in the lives of PoP/PdeP people: worship attendance (in person) and giving. We thank everyone for their faithful gifts and offering. We encourage all to consider contributing to fund our mission to God’s people here and in the community.

9:00 Traditional: 106 | 11:00 Contemporary: 45 | 11:00 Español: 66 | TOTAL: 217

YTD as of 8/31/2021
Offerings                       $ 387,587
Other receipts               $ 261,538
Total Income                 $ 649,125
(Expenses                     -$ 713,588)
(Cash Flow negative     -$   64,463)

$ 33,500        Roof Replacement: Family Life Center (Dec. 2020, last fiscal year)
$    4,759       Other Roof Repairs: FLC Hallway (April 2021); Sacristy Hallway (July 2021)
$ 10,000        A/C Replacement – preschool wing with Sanctuary bathrooms (Aug. 2021)
$    4,817       other major HVAC repairs
$    2,500       security camera system (15 cameras; paid through undesignated memorials)
$ 55,576

What can you do? You still have opportunity to support the special needs that we needed to address. Contributions designated for “Building Fund” will be applied against these costs. (In 2020, a number of people did contribute to the FLC Roof Replacement through the “Building Fund.”) Please only designate offerings above-and-beyond your regular giving for Building Fund.

Moving forward, as PoP/PdeP leaders we are committed to being more consistent in sharing with the congregation special or unmet needs as they occur.

We are grateful for generous contributions to purchase another AED for our campus; ongoing maintenance of both our AEDs; as well as the purchase of a full-size wheel chair.  Total contributions received: $4,200

ICYMI—LAST’S WEEK’S INSIGHTS: Our year-to-date offerings through the end of August were roughly $20,000 below our historical average for the last 5 years.

NEXT WEEK: Updated financial figures through the end of September.

Compassion Project works with the Samaritan Resource Center and he Healthcare Center for the Homeless and the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. CLICK HERE to see our recently updated list of needed items! There is a collection site in the church office hallway. Your financial gifts, as noted on your offering envelope or online, will be used to purchase any needed items that weren’t donated. Thank you for being the Heart, hands and Feet of Jesus in the Heart of Orlando!

PoP Polo Shirts are on sale! These shirts are a great way to show the community your support for our church and our ministries. The shirts are available in several colors and styles and the sales of the shirts will support our teens and chaperones who will attend the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Houston in summer 2022! When atleast 20 orders are received, our youth committee volunteers will place a bulk order of your shirt orders. It will take approximately 2 weeks for that order to arrive when the volunteers place the order. If you have questions, please contact the office at info@poporlando.com. Interested in the National Youth Gathering or want more Information?? CLICK HERE!!

Mid-week Bible Class for Adults
Wednesday Mornings 9:30 am – 10:30 am • Led by Pastor Ludwig in the Board Room
We will pick up where we left off in March 2020 – we continue with John’ Gospel looking at Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer – John 17. 

Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class will resume on Sunday, October 17 at 10:00 am!
The class will be led by Jim Essig and will take place in the Music Room during our Education Hour, between the 9 am & 11 am worship services.

SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR AGE 4—GRADE 5: The Life of Jesus • We will spend the whole year with Jesus! Kids will make crafts, play games and, learn the major stories about the life of Jesus. Each week, the kids will learn one of the core truths about who Jesus is. Sunday School meets upstairs in the Family Life Center classrooms from 10:00-10:45 on Sunday mornings.

YOUTH FALL SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS: Grace + Gratitude •  This class is for High School students and Middle School students who have already been confirmed. This class is a 4 week look at how we can celebrate God’s forgiveness and “pay it forward” in our lives. The class features fun activities and discussion questions and thought provoking ideas about how to make following Jesus a part of every day. They will meet in the far, upstairs classroom in the Family Life Center from 10:00 am – 10:45 am on Sunday mornings.

A supervised Nursery to all families with children 6 months – 3 years old is available. The Nursery opens on Sunday morning at 8:30 am and will be open until the 11:00 worship services are finished; approximately 12:30 pm. Families have access to supervised Nursery care during ALL worship services as well as during the Sunday School hour. Our Nursery is located in the breezeway in between the church sanctuary and the Family Life Center. This is a convenient location to drop off your child regardless if you attend worship in the sanctuary or the FLC; we also have a large sign outside the door to help you locate the new nursery location.

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Dave & Mary Ann A, Jackie C, Miguel C, Maureen D, Colleen E, Eleanor E, Joshula F, Jim F, Craig G, Eric G, Gloria G, Jayson G, Linda G, Joe H, Kathy M, Joanne M, Todd O, Hadley S, Jeff S, Meridith S, Nancy S, Amberr V, Gloria W, Roberta W, Bob & Linda Z, Leigh Z.

In Treatment: Barbara B, Sarah vB, Daryl F, Jan F, Ken K, Carlene L, Dorothy R, Ray R, Elena S, Joni S, Diego T, Debbie W.

In Care: Chuck B, Bob H, Linda H, Minnie H, Bill J, Linda J, Kathie K, Joyce M, Annette R, Betty S, Celeste Y.

Special: Curtis F; Our neighborhoodEngelwood Community Center & Lutheran Counseling Services; The women of LWML and the ministries they serve

The love of God the Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

Sunday, October 17
    9:00 am    English Traditional Worship | Sanctuary
   10:00 am   Hispanic Heritage Celebration | Courtyard 
   10:00 am   Sunday School | FLC Classrooms
   10:00 am   Youth Bible Class | FLC Classrooms
   10:00 am   Confirmation Class | FLC Classrooms
   11:00 am    English Contemporary Worship | FLC
   11:00 am    Culto en Español | en el templo

Monday, October 18
   9:00 am     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   9:30 am     Endowment Committee
   10:00 am   Finance Committee
   10:30 am    ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   6:00 pm     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   7:00 pm     Board of Directors Meeting
   7:00 pm     Coral Clave Del Sol Rehearsal | Sanctuary

Tuesday, October 19
   9:00 am     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
  10:30 am    ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
  11:00 am     Staff Meeting | Board Room
   6:00 pm     Coro Rehearsal | Sanctuary
   7:00 pm     NYG Information Meeting | Zoom Online

Wednesday, October 20
   9:00 am     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms     
   9:15 am      Preschool Chapel | Sanctuary
   9:30 am     Adult Bible Class | Board Room
  10:30 am     LWML | Family Life Center
  10:30 am     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   5:00 pm     Guitar Classes | Music Room
   6:00 pm     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   6:00 pm     Guitar Classes | Music Room

Thursday, October 21
   9:00 am     Food Pantry Prep | Bickel Building
   9:00 am     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
  10:00 am    Angels Ministry | Board Room
  10:30 am    ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   7:00 pm     Worship Team Rehearsal | FLC
   7:00 pm     Marcas Promesa
   7:00 pm     Parish Choir Rehearsal | Sanctuary

Friday, October 22
   9:00 am     Gateway District Board Retreat
   5:00 pm     Guitar Classes | Music Room
   6:00 pm     ESOL Class | FLC Classrooms
   6:00 pm     Food Pantry Setup | Parking Lots
   6:00 pm     Guitar Classes | Music Room

Saturday, October 23
   9:00 am     Food Pantry Distribution | Campus Drive-Thru