Ken Green - July 20, 2014

There Is Only One True God

Claims that there is only one true God are sure to catch people’s attention. While the world might tend to affirm that any belief—so long as it is sincere—is a valid belief for that individual, there is simply no tolerance in our world for a God that might claim to be the only true God. But what if the world is wrong? What if God’s claims that “apart from me there is no God” are true? Our God is gracious, and that is what is distinctive about our God; He took it upon Himself to send His only Son to redeem us and make us His. How do we speak winsomely to our world so that they would share the hope and confidence we have in our eternal, true, and merciful God?

Scripture References: Isaiah 44:6-8

From Series: "10 Things You Gotta Know"

Summer is a great time to go “back to basics”—in any area of life, especially for us as we follow Jesus. This summer our Back to Basics sermon series invites us to explore “10 Things You Gotta Know as You Follow Jesus.” Guided by Scripture we get to review foundational truths of our Christian faith and what it means to be a Christ follower.

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