Ken Green - December 13, 2015

The Lord is with You...and He's Singing

Perhaps the worst feeling someone can experience is that of being all alone…isolated, abandoned. It is remarkable that prophesies that foretold Jesus’ coming would speak clearly, “The Lord your God is with you”—in the most concrete way the incarnation makes this to be reality! The security of having a mighty “with us” God fills us with unspeakable joy when we learn that He “takes great delight in us” and that He “will rejoice over us with singing.” What things have sapped your joy recently? Give those things over to the Mighty Warrior God who came to be with us! Incline your ear to hear Him singing over you—and then tell the world that there is reason for joy, not only in this season, but now and for all eternity!

Scripture References: Zephaniah 3:14-20

From Series: "His Coming Foretold"

Jesus is God’s Messiah (“anointed, or chosen one”), who came into our world as our only rescuer and savior. This season of “Advent” is a time of preparing to celebrate His coming, and a time when we look forward to His coming again when He will restore all things. We follow in Jesus’ footsteps because He has been revealed as our Lord and King, and His Spirit has worked in our hearts so that we trust in Him. Hundreds of years before His coming, God’s prophets foretold the Messiah’s coming. These prophesies still speak to us at 21st Century Jesus-followers. These holy words identify Jesus as the One who was to come, bringing us assurance and hope. These words move us to serve Jesus in the purity and joy we have as His followers. They even point to His promises to bring us His peace and His presence in our day.

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