Ken Green - May 17, 2015

The Difference a Word Makes

You’ve just read The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People. Now what? Some people in our world might say, “That’s nice. It’s good to read. There’s a book that’s just like any other book.” Was it all just a bunch of words on hundreds of pages? A good plotline that made you feel good about God? or about yourself? What kind of difference can words make in our world? It depends…. Now, if you’re talking about God’s Word, His Word can make an eternity of difference. His Word is powerful. Life-giving. Purposeful. Potent. It produces fruit that will last. How has it changed you to have read The Story? What is your next step now? Will you go back to read it again? Begin a Bible reading plan to get the whole story? Get together with friends to keep the conversation going (i.e. form a small group)? Take a Discipleship course, like GodConnects®? And, with whom will you share this story of God’s love shown through His Son, Jesus the Messiah?

Scripture References: Isaiah 55:6-12

From Series: "The Story - Part 2"

Winter & Spring 2015 -- “The Story” is an abridged, chronological version of the Bible laid out in the format of a novel. It can help people get a better sense of the Bible as one continuous narrative of God’s love, centering ultimately on the redemption He has given through His Son. To listen to sermons from chapters 1-11, click here.

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