Ken Green - February 17, 2016

The Believer's Prayer

The early church faced opposition almost from the beginning—no surprises there, for Jesus had told His followers as much. God’s people did not shrink back for they were confident in the mission of their Living Lord. The unity, courage, and commitment of the early believers is notable—and upon their prayer, the Spirit set into motion a great missional movement. As God’s people prayed that the Lord would use them to speak His word with boldness, they found their lives forever changed by the power of the Spirit. Often, bold prayers that God would change the world begin with a transformation in the lives of those who are praying. How will God be at work in you for His purposes of sharing the love of Jesus with the world?

Scripture References: Acts 4:23-35

From Series: "Five Prayers that Changed the World"

Prayer is such a key part of the season of Lent—in fact, it is such a key part of the whole of life for God’s people. It is the means God has given us to communicate with Him, to share our cares and concerns, to call upon Him in praise and giving thanks. Intimate. Passionate. Expectant. Powerful. We call upon our gracious God, the Lord of heaven and earth. During our Lenten midweek services, we are looking at Five Prayers that Changed the World. Jesus’ power transforms lives, and the Spirit enlists the people of God to pray and anticipate all that God will do.

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