Ken Green - September 13, 2015

Spiritual Tools for Christ-Followers

It was a tense moment—at least for nine of the disciples—Jesus had not been there with them; they had tried to drive out an impure spirit from a boy that had been brought to them, but they were unsuccessful; and the teachers of the law were now confronting these disciples, and a crowd had gathered. Then here comes Jesus. Jesus drives out the spirit, restoring the boy to his father and reminding us that nothing is impossible for God. What had happened? What had been missing for those nine disciples—why were they unable to cast out this spirit? Jesus points His followers to spiritual tools which they are to use for carrying out His work. Have you ever tried to improvise by using the wrong tool for the job? What were the results? As followers of Jesus, He equips us for ministry and provides us with tools of the Holy Spirit to accomplish what He has given us to do. All rests on His power, so He gives us faith and trust in Him. It is not about us, and so prayer points us to the God of compassion and action. How are you becoming more skilled at using these “spiritual tools”?

Scripture References: Mark 9:14-29

From Series: "Season After Pentecost 2015"

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