Ken Green - February 25, 2015

Song of the Lonely

Loneliness and isolation first became a part of the human condition when Adam and Eve sinned and they experienced separation—separation from their Creator, and separation from one another. Today, studies have revealed that 60 million people in America—20% of the US population—feel lonely. This aspect of the human condition certainly cries out for renewal and redemption. Jesus Himself experienced loneliness, and He took upon Himself our brokenness. His redemption has brought us back into communion with our heavenly Father, giving us hope and renewal and deliverance from our loneliness.

Scripture References: Psalms 25:14-22

From Series: "Songs of Renewal"

The season of Lent gives us opportunity to be renewed by God’s power as we prepare to celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus at Easter. This year our midweek worship services draw us to look to selected Psalms as God shapes and renews our life of faith. The Psalms, though written long before Jesus’ time, connect us with Jesus. Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book, Life Together, helps us to understand what he called the “secret of the psalter”: "The Psalter is the prayer book of Jesus Christ in the truest sense of the word. He prayed the Psalter and now it has become his prayer for all time…. [And] Jesus Christ prays through the Psalter in his congregation." Our midweek worship themes will not only focus on the selected Psalms themselves, but also on how we encounter Jesus Himself praying in those Psalms, and how Jesus leads us to participate in these “Songs of Renewal.”

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