Ken Green - June 10, 2018

Shipwrecked—Rescued by Jesus

Vacation Bible School—deep, deep Spiritual Truths put in such a way that even (or, perhaps, especially) a child can grasp them. “Shipwrecked—Rescued by Jesus” is our theme. Today we look at the story of a shipwreck waiting to happen. Storms. Danger. Sinking. Fear. Panic. Doubt. This event in the life of Jesus’ disciples had it all. We even have Jesus sleeping through it all, until His disciples ask, “Don’t you care if we drown?” And yet, Jesus’ love and power and words rescue even those whose faith has gone under—because that is what grace is, and that is where faith begins. This story is no parable. The disciples were in real peril. Yet they had failed to recognize Who they had in the boat. How does Jesus stir your heart today by His promise to go with you—and His promise to rescue? Who do you know that is in danger of going under—and how might you be that link to Jesus, our Rescuer?

Scripture References: Mark 4:35-41

From Series: "Shipwrecked"

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