Ken Green - April 16, 2017

Resurrecting Hope

How can hope be resurrected when we live in a broken world, one that almost breeds hopelessness? Easter brings the change that we all need—it is found in Jesus, the Resurrected One. Hope—true and lasting hope—hope for all—is guaranteed by this verified truth: the tomb where they laid Jesus was empty. After Jesus rose again, eyewitnesses ate and drank with Him, embraced Him and walked with Him, and attested to the Good News that Jesus is alive. What challenge, grief, or trial in life could ever stand a chance if the One who loves us is the One who brings life out of death? In what part of your life do you need hope? How will you now share this hope that people need, the hope that found in the One who came back from the dead?

Scripture References: 1 Peter 1:3-9

From Series: "Easter: The Change We Need"

It seems the one constant in our world is that things are always changing. Jesus, with power over even death itself, has the power to bring about the change we need. Our prayer is that in these weeks following Easter, people at Prince of Peace would experience the power of Jesus’ resurrection as never before, finding in Christ the change we all need.

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