Rev. David Ludwig - August 17, 2014

Jesus Loves the Lost and the Outsider

Jesus and the disciples encounter a foreign woman—an outsider—loudly begging Jesus to set her daughter free. The disciples are ready to send her away, but Jesus engages her in a faith-filled, life-changing conversation. While it may be seem “safe” to be among those who are most like ourselves, Christ’s church was never designed to be that type of “safe place.” How do you and I receive those perceived to be on the fringe—or those whose thinking or journey is not exactly like ours? All people have a place in Jesus’ heart.

Scripture References: Matthew 15:21-28

From Series: "10 Things You Gotta Know"

Summer is a great time to go “back to basics”—in any area of life, especially for us as we follow Jesus. This summer our Back to Basics sermon series invites us to explore “10 Things You Gotta Know as You Follow Jesus.” Guided by Scripture we get to review foundational truths of our Christian faith and what it means to be a Christ follower.

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