Ken Green - February 4, 2018

Identify the Lost

The Apostle Paul was “all in” when it came to his passion of sharing Jesus with people. Apparently, he would stop at nothing in order to identify with people to earn the right to be heard for the sake of Christ and His Gospel. How would you gauge your passion to meet people where they are in order to share Jesus with them? How far would you go in identifying with them? Consider this Good News for us: Jesus Himself crossed the bounds of heaven and earth, death and life, so that we would be His. What amazing love He has poured out on us, all so that we can give it away.

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 9:16-27

From Series: "You Had One Job"

What is the “job” of the church on earth? When we look to Jesus’ words in His great commission (Matthew 28:18-20), we hear His call to make disciples of all peoples by baptizing and teaching. Making disciples, sharing His love, bringing the good news of the Gospel…however you want to put it, empowered by the Spirit and driven by His love, that is our one job.

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