Ken Green - September 30, 2018

When Do I Love?

We wrap up our “Neighbors” series with what seems like a simple question, “When do I love?” The quick answer is, “All the time,” right? If it is all so simple, then, what grade would we get if our neighbors were evaluating our work? We have to confess: God’s love is different than ours. It is more complete, more perfect, more consistent. He loves the oppressed and the outcast. He loves when it would be inconvenient for others to love. In fact, Jesus even spoke God’s love and hope and promise into another’s suffering while Jesus Himself was suffering on the cross. And Jesus’ love reaches out to each one of us—right here, right now—with forgiveness and peace and power, so that we would love our neighbors in a new way, loving all with the consistent, comprehensive love of Jesus. What stops us from faithfully embodying Christ’s love in every circumstance? Have you ever doubted that God loved you? How does Jesus’ love break through to reach new hearts and hearts anew—and how will He use us as conduits for that love?

Scripture References: Romans 12:9-21, Luke 23:32-43

From Series: "Neighbors"

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