Ken Green - June 7, 2015

God Is Not Cheap

Our God is not “cheap.” He does not withhold or hide the blessings He has prepared for His children. On the contrary, through the written and spoken Word, He freely and richly informs us about His past, present and future actions on our behalf. However, at the same time He alerts us to the struggles we are going to face while we walk our pilgrimage on earth. There is a healthy tension between His blessings and our struggles—and it is FAITH in Jesus that connects the two. What does the promise mean to you, that in light of God’s giving His own Son up for us all, He will also “graciously give us all things”? (Romans 8:32) What is God’s ultimate purpose and desire—how will these blessings be exhibited in our lives, and how will He work in us and through us for the benefit of others and the extending of His reign?

Scripture References: Romans 8:28-39

From Series: "Generous Living"

Each summer we at Prince of Peace go “back to basics” as we take a fresh look at our relationship with our loving God and how that shapes our lives in this world. This summer as we go back to basics we consider the topic, “Generous Living.” God our Father has given great and wonderful gifts to His children. He is the most generous Giver, giving even His Son, Jesus Christ for us. All blessings ultimately come to us through Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and man. As God’s people, we learn that God’s design is that we neither hide nor hoard any of the gifts we have freely received from Him. Rather, God invites and calls us to share His gifts with those around us. Our willingness to share what God has given us with others becomes an expression of our gratitude, all flowing from grateful hearts shaped by God’s grace.

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