Ken Green - October 11, 2015

Discipleship and "Stuff"

The world and the society in which we live find a powerful attraction to material possessions. This, too, presents an obstacle for those who desire to follow Jesus—if in doubt, just look at the response of Jesus’ disciples in Mark 10:23-26! Apparently it is not unique to this generation that disciples experience a constant struggle between their desire to follow Jesus faithfully and the constant temptation to be distracted by the interests of this world. In the context of the gospel lesson from Mark 10, Jesus is approached by a young man who is clinging to the things of this world for security. Moreover, that man seeks to justify himself in God’s eyes by supposing he has kept God’s law perfectly. Jesus yet looks upon the young man with a love—the same love and compassion which would drive Jesus to give up everything for us, laying aside His glory and power, taking up His cross while laying down His life. At the same time, Jesus exposes how blind the young man has become to his own condition, calling upon him to first sell everything he had, then follow Jesus. Those who would follow Jesus are called upon to give up all so God can remove the obstacles that would prevent us from continuing the journey of discipleship. When we step back and evaluate our lives, what anchors us? Where do you find your ultimate security, or what is your ultimate worry? Have you ever had to give something up to continue to follow in Jesus’ footsteps? Jesus’ words hold true, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” How are you surrendering all to God, finding in Him the strength and power to continue on as Jesus’ disciple?

Scripture References: Mark 10:17-22

From Series: "The Marks of Jesus' Disciples"

At the heart of being Christian, there is this core concept of following Jesus. The disciple follows his or her master, imitating the master and learning along the way. The church is in the disciple-making business, connecting people to Jesus and leading them in the process of walking in His ways. This discipleship process is never completed for any of us in this life—we are continually learning and growing as we follow Jesus until He brings us to our heavenly home. • What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus, a Christ-follower? • What are the core marks of those who follow Jesus faithfully? What does being a disciple look like? • How are disciples shaped and formed as they continue to walk with Jesus? And we always remember that God’s design is not to make us out to be “cookie-cutter Christians”—rather, discipleship is a process, a life-long learning adventure. It is, at its core, the art of following Jesus every day, knowing that Jesus has promised to be with us always, expecting that we will “bear much fruit” as we remain in Him and He remains in us.

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