Ken Green - January 25, 2015

Ch. 16 - ...Because God's Got This...

As we have read about the ups and downs of God's people through The Story thus far, I am struck by how often God's people found themselves outnumbered, threatened on every side, facing challenge after challenge. Sometimes it's as if all the enemies of the LORD have His people in their sights all of the time. Then there's the story of King Hezekiah, one of the few leaders who remained faithful to the LORD. Facing threat and challenge, Hezekiah humbles himself before the LORD in the temple, literally (and figuratively) laying the challenge before God, because (as people might say today) "God's got this." When under pressure or threat, how do you react — where do you seek help or what resource do you rely upon first? Few of us always seek God out first when faced with an insurmountable challenge. What does it look like when we as God's people lay everything at God's feet?

Scripture References: 2 Kings 19:9-11

From Series: "Traditional Worship"

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