Ken Green - May 10, 2015

Ch. 31 - To the Lamb: Singing an Everlasting Song

If you’ve been with us at Prince of Peace over these last several months, it could be bittersweet (or, for you maybe it an accomplishment—“I made it!") to reach the end of The Story. But when you take care to understand the plotline from Revelation found in chapter 31, you see that this story doesn’t just “end.” The reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb that was slain, is eternal. And in this story there is a great victory hymn—sung by all in heaven and on earth who worship the Lamb—is a song that is never-ending. Even now you and I get to join in that song of praise—and as we do, we see how our lives have an ultimate destination. Even among the trials of this life we are comforted in knowing that His Victory has been made our victory, and we are strengthened in knowing that we are a part of His gracious reign. It has been said that our chief aim as God’s holy people is to join in this grand worship of the Lamb upon His throne—and to continually invite others to join the chorus. How does Jesus’ song reverberate in your heart and your life? And to whom will you extend the invitation to come sing along?

Scripture References: Revelation 5:1-14

From Series: "The Story - Part 2"

Winter & Spring 2015 -- “The Story” is an abridged, chronological version of the Bible laid out in the format of a novel. It can help people get a better sense of the Bible as one continuous narrative of God’s love, centering ultimately on the redemption He has given through His Son. To listen to sermons from chapters 1-11, click here.

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