Ken Green - April 2, 2015

Ch. 26 - The Hour Has Come!

“Jesus knew the hour had come….” Jesus knows how this will all play out: He has come to be the suffering servant, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. As Jesus and His disciples partake of the Passover, He gives His command, a mandate (Latin: mandatum, the root for “Maundy”): “Love one another as I have loved you.” Though the Son of God is among them as their Teacher and Lord, He takes on the form of a servant and begins to wash their feet. Such is His love, and He will love His own to the very end. As Jesus invites us to His table and engages our hearts and souls and our whole being with His love, can we love as Jesus has loved us? His grace, that is, His undeserved love, will supply all we need. He gives us His very body and blood in The Supper—and with them His forgiveness and freedom—and in receiving Christ in this meal we are filled with the power of the new life He brings. Love, serve, and be all that He has called you to be.

Scripture References: John 13:1-17

From Series: "The Story - Part 2"

Winter & Spring 2015 -- “The Story” is an abridged, chronological version of the Bible laid out in the format of a novel. It can help people get a better sense of the Bible as one continuous narrative of God’s love, centering ultimately on the redemption He has given through His Son. To listen to sermons from chapters 1-11, click here.

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