Ken Green - February 1, 2015

Ch. 17 - God Acts...for His Name's Sake

The unfaithfulness of God’s people had sullied His Name. The Name of the LORD was to be holy, but the people who were to have borne His Name had become unholy, so the LORD removed them from the land He had given them. And yet, the LORD loves and longs for His people—so for the sake of His holy Name He declares that He will “sprinkle clean water” on His people to cleanse them, and He will give them a new heart and a new spirit. In many ways this powerful word of promise points us to Jesus, who allowed Himself to be soiled with our sin, who cleanses us in the waters of Baptism, who creates in us a clean heart and places His Spirit upon us—all so that we might bear His Name, share His love, and bring Him glory. How have you at times failed to live up to the name God has placed upon you as a “child of God”? What does it mean that God Himself has washed you clean? How do we bear His name in this world?

Scripture References: Ezekiel 36:20-28

From Series: "The Story - Part 2"

Winter & Spring 2015 -- “The Story” is an abridged, chronological version of the Bible laid out in the format of a novel. It can help people get a better sense of the Bible as one continuous narrative of God’s love, centering ultimately on the redemption He has given through His Son. To listen to sermons from chapters 1-11, click here.

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