Ken Green - March 10, 2019


So much of life, it seems, is spent running around doing things. In fact, we will often measure someone’s value by what they do, not necessarily who they are. In order to build a relationship with someone, though, one needs to spend time together (both quality and quantity time). This is also true of the relationship we have with Jesus. He longs for us to simply be with Him, and—out of who He has made us to be—to live for Him. What things fill your calendar and end up squeezing time with Jesus out of your life? What good things do you need to say “No” to in order to say “Yes” to the best thing: being with Jesus through His Word, prayer, and celebrating life with Him?

Scripture References: Psalms 46:10-11, Luke 14:25-33

From Series: "Red Letter Challenge"

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