Ken Green - February 12, 2017

Listen and Follow

Listening and following have much to do with changing the world. As we hear Jesus’ call to follow Him, our world is changed. As we continue with Him, we walk with Him in the way of life. His voice guides us as we walk in obedience to His Word, and our lives are filled with the love of God. As followers of Jesus we are not only transformed by His power, but we invite others to join us on the way with Jesus. How does envisioning life as a continual walk with Jesus transform your perspective? Can you think of simple ways you can invite others to join you on the way with Jesus?

Scripture References: Matthew 5:21-37

From Series: "How to Change the World"

When Jesus came to our world, he never intended to leave it unchanged. His was a mission to change everything: to give the fullest, most authentic demonstration of God’s love; to conquer sin and its deathly effects; to heal, restore, and bring life and light. Jesus’ work continues today—and He uses His people as His instruments to bring change to this world. (Certainly, it is not we ourselves who have power to change the world, but, empowered by God’s Spirit at work through His Word and Sacraments, we are transformed and empowered for Him to work through us.) Our Epiphany sermon series gives focus to how God is using us as His conduits to change the world.

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