Ken Green - February 19, 2017

Be Different

“Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” The bar can’t get raised much higher than that, can it? It is clear as crystal: We, as children of God, are called to be different. What people see in us may very well shape their impression of the God we serve. Unfortunately, it is not enough to maintain appearances or do things that appear to be holy; and striving on our own to be perfect can be a perfect setup for failure. We need something more—a Savior who is the Son of God, the Holy and Perfect One, who took our every imperfection and sin upon Himself and who gives us His own righteousness to transform us at the core of our being. Be different. How does my life reflect the difference Jesus has made? Does the righteousness of the Perfect One radiate from the core of my being as I represent Jesus? How would that change the world?

Scripture References: Matthew 5:38-48, Leviticus 19:1-2

From Series: "How to Change the World"

When Jesus came to our world, he never intended to leave it unchanged. His was a mission to change everything: to give the fullest, most authentic demonstration of God’s love; to conquer sin and its deathly effects; to heal, restore, and bring life and light. Jesus’ work continues today—and He uses His people as His instruments to bring change to this world. (Certainly, it is not we ourselves who have power to change the world, but, empowered by God’s Spirit at work through His Word and Sacraments, we are transformed and empowered for Him to work through us.) Our Epiphany sermon series gives focus to how God is using us as His conduits to change the world.

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