Ken Green - December 20, 2015

Finally...A Messiah You Can Find

There is nothing quite like a prophesy of the Savior that is both specific and precise: The Messianic King would be born in Bethlehem. This ruler, the king eternal, shepherds His people in the Lord’s strength and bestows upon them His name. His people dwell in peace and security—and they have a part to play in His grand scheme of things as “His greatness will reach to the ends of the earth.” In a world where so many people have lost their way—and so many people desperately wish they could find this God of peace—how will you be sharing the message of Christ’s coming so that more and more will find the security and peace of living under His reign?

Scripture References: Micah 5:2-5

From Series: "His Coming Foretold"

Jesus is God’s Messiah (“anointed, or chosen one”), who came into our world as our only rescuer and savior. This season of “Advent” is a time of preparing to celebrate His coming, and a time when we look forward to His coming again when He will restore all things. We follow in Jesus’ footsteps because He has been revealed as our Lord and King, and His Spirit has worked in our hearts so that we trust in Him. Hundreds of years before His coming, God’s prophets foretold the Messiah’s coming. These prophesies still speak to us at 21st Century Jesus-followers. These holy words identify Jesus as the One who was to come, bringing us assurance and hope. These words move us to serve Jesus in the purity and joy we have as His followers. They even point to His promises to bring us His peace and His presence in our day.

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