BEING Challenge

During this 2021 lent season, Prince of Peace/Princípe de Paz is studying the BEING Challenge book. Pastor Zach Zehnder, the Author of Red Letter Challenge, has written BEING, a “next step” book and we are excited to jump in and study this book as a church family! 

The Being Challenge focuses on Jesus’ habits. As Pastor Zach Zehnder examined all that Jesus said to His disciples, he found five principles most important to Jesus: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going. Though all five of the targets in Red Letter Challenge are important, the most important target to hit as a disciple of Jesus is BEING in relationship with Him. It’s at the center of it all. All the other targets flow from this one. All of our doing for God flows out of our being with Him. If we don’t hit this one, we won’t succeed at any of the others. We believe that helping people BE will lead to incredible spiritual growth for the people in your church.

Get Your Book!
Books are available in the sanctuary and the family life center. We want a workbook in the hands of every worshiper! A donation of $20 per book is suggested but certainly not required to get your copy.

The season of Lent—a time for reflection and repentance, a time of preparation for the Celebration of all celebrations, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead—it is wholly appropriate for us to fix our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. As followers of Jesus we seek to pattern our lives after Him, to be more and more like Him. The “Being Challenge” we are embarking on this Lent invites us to explore five practices of Jesus—keystone habits—practiced by Jesus as He remained in closest communion with His Father: committing to community, studying Scripture, prioritizing prayer, seeking solitude, and choosing church. How can patterning our lives after Jesus in these keystone habits, by the Spirit’s power, draw us into greater relationship with Him?

February 17 | Introduction & Keystone Habits 

February 21 | Commit to Community

February 28 | Study Scripture

March 7 | Prioritize Prayer

March 14 | Seek Solitude 

March 21 | Choose Church