Open Nominations for Youth Ministry

Prince of Peace is seeking a qualified professional who would serve as Director of Youth and Family Ministries to pursue our vision and accomplish our mission while working with families and students.

Prince of Peace is at an incredible moment in its 58-year history. The last two decades have seen a transition from a white suburban traditional Lutheran Church to a multi-cultural center for worship and mission. It has been a long journey of exploration, failures, successes and relationship building that has brought us to a transformed community in Christ.

Prospects and applicants for the position of Director of Youth and Family Ministries should be dedicated specifically to youth and family educational and social-emotional Christian services. They should possess the following characteristics:

  • Exhibits a “contagious faith” that is passionate and knowledgeable in the teachings of the Lutheran Church;
  • Is a skilled organizer;
  • Able to relate to people of all ages;
  • Is able to implement non-traditional programming and capable of innovative thinking in youth and family ministries;
  • Culturally sensitive and able to speak both Spanish and English in order to best connect with our entire congregation and neighboring community;
  • Strong leadership skills – ideally someone who has training and experience working with children; and
    • Is able to build effective, meaningful, long-term relationships with youth and their families;
    • Has a proven ability to work cooperatively in multi staff settings;
    • Has ability to advocate for youth and families in our community.
  • If currently not fluent in Spanish, applicant would be required to accomplish training within the first two years of service. This training will be provided by Prince of Peace.

The Board of Directors is pursuing its options for either a full-time commissioned minister of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) or non-rostered candidates of the LCMS. If you know anyone who fits these characteristics, who you feel would be a good fit for our church in this role, please use the form below.

Director of Youth and Family Ministries Nomination