Spending the Summer with Jesus

We have officially launched our “Spending the Summer with Jesus” online program for children and families! This is an online opportunity for you and your family to grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus and to share Him with others! Spread the word!

How does “Spending the Summer with Jesus” work? Each week on Thursday, we post resources on our website (and share through social media) to help you and your family grow closer to Jesus. Through this program, we highlight bible stories from Jesus’ life and provide you with online resources to help you dive deep into the story- kind of like a “stay at home VBS” that you can explore as a family. There are LOADS of activities to learn the bible story! 

Each week we are providing a snack recipe you can make together, coloring sheets, activity sheets and a craft activity. We also have a video from a family as well as a fun and interactive song for you to sing and dance along with!