WEEK TWO | Jesus Calms the Storm

Paper Ball Bail Out
Family Activity

Supplies: paper – lots of scrap paper or newspaper
Divide family into small groups or, have every person count for themselves. Set up boundaries so each group or person has their own area.

At your signal, each group or person will begin to rapidly make paper balls out of the paper – each side should start with an equal supply. Once you make a paper ball, you toss into the other groups area. Each side is trying to fill the other sides group. You are simultaneously trying to fill the other sides group while “bailing out” your own. Everyone works as quickly as possible until you stop the game by saying: FREEZE. Count the number of balls in each person’s zone to see who has the most/least. ( Play a second round where everyone works together to toss all of the balls into garbage bags as quickly as possible)


1. Imagine that your area was a boat. Would it be scary to see so much water in your boat?

2. What do you think the disciples thought Jesus would do to help after they woke Him up? (Help bail water out.)

3. How did Jesus help in an unexpected way?

4. What has Jesus done for you or our family that was unexpected?

Prayer: Dear Jesus,  We thank you for loving us and the whole world. Sometimes the world is scary. Help us remember to ask you to help us everyday. Help us to see that you do help us- sometimes in ways that we don’t expect. Help us to share your love with others- especially when people don’t expect us to help. Amen.

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How many items? One guess per child please. The first child with the correct number will have a prize delivered to them. In the event that no one is correct, we will give the prize to the closest guess.

How many screws are in the picture below??

Email your response to eric.gerken@poporlando.com by noon on Tuesday, June 30th to be eligible to win!

Family Challenge Results: Week One Winner – Madi Swanson

We asked how many pom poms were in the picture. The correct answer is: 361! The closest guess we received was from Madi Swanson who guessed 350. Madi will receive a prize from Prince of Peace/Principe de Paz, congratulations Madi!


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