We Press On

February 21, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Luke 13:31-35 |


Jesus faced incredible opposition during His earthly ministry: barbs and scolding from hypocritical leaders; falsely accused of being demon possessed; hard-hearted Pharisees who sought to prevent Jesus from continuing His march toward Jerusalem; even the threat of death. Yet Jesus perfectly understood His mission, and so He pressed on toward Jerusalem undeterred, committed to giving His sinless life on the cross in exchange for ours. His perfect love and bold faithfulness are inspiring, and they lead us to want to walk with Him, pressing on through any challenge.


A Steward’s Reflection: Jesus was not influenced by those who were not “Kingdom minded.” He pressed on because He understood perfectly His mission. How do you use your influence to encourage, build others up, celebrating the Kingdom mission Jesus has given us? How do you use your Stewardship of Influence for the sake of extending Christ’s reign into the lives of others?