Treasured Words of Life

Pastor Ken Green

June 23, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 5:19-46 |


Truthfully, there  are  so many things in this world in which we can find treasure—so many things which we could long for or hope for. Yet, there is only one treasure that will last for all eternity. Have you been searching for it? It’s found in Jesus. He is the divine, authorized agent of blessing and salvation who  has been sent by God. The treasure  Jesus  gives comes at the greatest of cost, yet the path to finding it is beyond simple: give attention  to His word and trust the One who sent Him, and you  will  have a rich and meaningful  life that  will never end. What do you find yourself searching for or longing for? (Just check you r internet browsing history if you’re not sure how to answer that.) We all long for something more than what is just here and now. Are you searching for it? Do you know someone who is? Jesus  wants to speak life into that longing today.