Resurrecting Identity

May 14, 2017 ()

Bible Text: 1 Peter 2:2-10 |


The Church today needs a resurrection of identity. Our world has such varied ideas of what the Church is (not always good, mind you) or what the Church ought to be. Yet, our life, our purpose, and our hope as the people of God remain firmly grounded in Jesus, the “living Stone.” God’s Word defines our identity: a chosen people, royal priesthood, God’s possession, people with lives shaped by mercy. Each day as we arise, God invites us to wear these as representation of who He’s made us to be. On this Mothers’ Day, how has your mom shaped your identity? Did she put in your mind not only “who you are,” but also “whose you are”? Our God who claims us as His people has ultimately shaped our identity around Jesus, His Son, the living Stone. How will God empower you to live out that identity this week?