Resurrecting Faith

April 23, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 20:19-31 |


At the death of Jesus, the disciples’ faith had died. They could not resuscitate their faith, even in the face of emerging evidence that Jesus could be alive. Jesus had indeed risen bodily from the dead, and He alone can resurrect faith: His voice (“Shalom”), His touch (“see my hands and feet; touch my side”); His presence (He eats and drinks with them) changes lives. Jesus is alive—and He is resurrecting the faith of all who will follow Him! In what ways do you need Jesus to resurrect your faith? Jesus is no less alive today than he was when the disciples first embraced their living Lord. If we, who must trust the word of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ resurrection, are called “blessed,” how will our living Lord turn that faith into action?