Faith Like a Child: OBEDIANT

Pastor Ken Green

September 1, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Luke 2:41-52 |


Scripture gives us a snapshot of Jesus living out a His faith AS a child. As a 12 year-old visiting the Jerusalem Temple, Jesus devoted time to learning about God His Father. But Jesus’ family left Him behind, and they had to look for Him. Although Jesus’ mother scolded Him for not being with them, Jesus was respectful and obedient to His parents. Not only was Jesus a model of perfect obedience for us, but God’s word teaches that He was obedient on our behalf—in those matters where we have failed to be perfectly obedient. Think of your life: How does your life reflect obedience to God as a response to His love? In what ways are you “about your heavenly Father’s business”? How can our following Jesus more closely help others find Him?