Created by God – Built for a Purpose!

June 11, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 1:1-2, 26-27, 31a; Matthew 28:16-20 |


At times, it is challenging for us to take God at His word. Theories abound as to the “origin” of life on this planet. Yet believers (regardless of what they think of the various “theories”) overwhelmingly believe that God was a part of it all. Why not, then, allow God to tell the story—it was He who was there at the beginning, and it is He who has made us! God the Father creates through His Word (and, remember Jesus is the Word made flesh), and the presence of the Spirit of God is even noted in Genesis (which means, “Beginnings”). And we—we are made in God’s image! We are unique, special, blessed. Moreover, it is God who has re-created us in His image as He has placed His Name on us in the waters of Baptism. We are created by God and built for His purposes. To acknowledge, “I have been created in the image of God”—What would that mean for how you view your life today? What does it mean to be a “new creation” by virtue of God placing His name on us in Holy Baptism?

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