Ch. 7 – Courageous Christ-Followers

October 26, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Joshua 1:1, 5-9 |


As the Lord commissions Joshua as the leader of His people, His message to Joshua is clear as crystal: be strong and courageous. The Lord’s presence would not leave him, nor would His promises ever fail. On this Reformation Sunday, we, too, hear the Lord speak clearly: He has given us His Holy Word—and in Jesus, the “Word made flesh” who dwelt among us—His grace and truth is revealed. The Lord Jesus gives us His presence and connects us with Him through the Sacraments. He has sealed us with His Spirit and gives us strength and courage to live as followers of Christ in this challenging age. In what ways do you need the Lord’s strength and courage today? In what way does the Lord’s promise to “be with us wherever we go” help you to share the light of Christ with others?

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