Ch. 28 – An Amazing Transformation

April 19, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Acts 4:1-21 |


In The Story this week, we see that God has brought about an incredible transformation in Jesus’ Disciples. After they have received the promised gift of the Holy Spirit, the Disciples no longer hide behind locked doors because of fear, but they are among the people in the temple; no longer is there a hint of uncertainty about their vocation, but they are now bold proclaimers whose witness to Jesus’ resurrection is confirmed by God through signs and wonders; no longer do they avoid the cross, but they rejoice that they have been counted worthy of suffering for the Name of Jesus. As a result of God’s work, thousands come to faith and new believers are added daily. In what ways do you long for God’s transforming power to be at work in your life? It was the Disciples’ connection with Jesus that transformed them individually and changed the world. As God connects us with Jesus through His Gospel and the Sacraments, how can we anticipate seeing His Spirit at work daily?