A Man of Significance: Jesus Messiah

Pastor Ken Green

April 14, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 12:12-19; Zechariah 9:9-12 |


Every detail of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is filled with great significance: carried by this beast of burden; palm branches spread before Him; shouts of “Hosanna” and “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.” It is no less significant that Jesus enters Jerusalem but to lay His life down on Good Friday. All this He does for us and for the salvation of the world—all so that we would find our significance in Him. In what do you find your significance? Is it in who you are, in the people in your life, or in the things you have accomplished? Or is your significance rooted in the One who enters in today? He comes to fill your heart and soul—your very life—with His presence and purpose—that You would live with significance in the Kingdom of God.

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