Online Family Resources

Partnering with and providing Christ-centered resources for families is a top priority for us! While we aren’t physically meeting together, we hope you will use the following resources below to worship and engage with your children each weekend! The lesson videos are available in both English and Spanish.

Sunday School Online Introduction
Jesus’ Power Lives In Us
El poder de Jesús trae esperanza

Previous Lessons:

Week 1 – Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears
Semana 1 – El poder de Jesús calma nuestro miedos

Week 2 – Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries
Semana 2 – El poder de Jesús calma nuestras preocupaciones

Week 3 – Jesus’ Power is Unexpected
Semana 3 – El poder de Jesús es inesperado

Week 4 – Jesus’ Power Means We Don’t Have to Fear Death
Semana 4 – El poder de Jesús significa no temer a la muerte

Week 5 – Jesus’ Power Takes Action
Semana 5 – El poder de Jesús toma acción

Week 6 – Jesus’ Power Helps Us When We’re Lonely
Semana 6 – El poder de Jesús now ayuda cuando estamos solos

Week 7 – Jesus’ Power Brings Hope
Semana 7 – El poder de Jesús trae esperanza