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The May 15th Weekly News and updated prayer sheet are found here.

New to Prince of Peace–or New-ish? If you are newer to Prince of Peace and have never had opportunity to consider becoming a member (our new member processes were suspended during COVID), we invite you to consider taking that next step. Look for information about the “Pastor’s Reception” on Sunday, May 16. To ensure we include you with a personal invite, please send an email to staff@poporlando.com requesting more information.

Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class • The class is led by Jim Essig and takes place in the Music Room during our Education Hour, 10:00 am; in-between the 9 am & 11 am worship services.

SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR AGE 4 – GRADE 5 “The Life of Jesus” • Each week, the kids will learn one of the core truths about who Jesus is. Sunday School meets upstairs in the Family Life Center classrooms from 10:00-10:45 am.

YOUTH SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS (6th-12th) • The class is a mixture of discussion and experiential learning- come check it out. We meet in the far, upstairs classroom in the Family Life Center from 10:00 am – 10:45 am. 

Confirmation Class • upstairs in the Family Life Center from 10:00 am – 10:45 am. Led by Eric Gerken.

Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class • The class is led by Jim Essig and takes place in the Music Room during our Education Hour, 10:00 am; in-between the 9 am & 11 am worship services.

Mid-week Bible Class for Adults  
Wednesday Mornings 9:30 am – 10:30 am • In the Board Room • Topic: The Great Sending • Led by Pastor Ken

A supervised Nursery for children 6 months – 3 years old is available from 10:00am-12:15pm every Sunday. Our Nursery is located just across the breezeway from the church office and is convenient to both worship spaces. Please contact Dir. of Family & Youth, Eric Gerken, for more information about our Nursery Ministry.

This Sunday • “Those Jesus Sends are Committed” (Acts 20:17-35; Revelation 7:9-17; John 10:22-30; Psalm 23) • Faith and Commitment go hand in hand. Jesus committed His life to us. We have examples from Scripture of people like the Apostle Paul who were committed to Jesus and committed to bringing His good news to the world. We have faithful people of God who have gone before us (including moms) who have humbly modeled the faith. And we are to be committed to Jesus’ word of grace so we would be built up and empowered to share Jesus with others. To what are you committed? How does your life reflect a commitment to Jesus? In what ways do you need Him to build you up in your faith so you are even more equipped to bring His love to others?

About this series – “Those Jesus Sends Are…:” • During this season of Easter, we look at snapshots of the early church from the book of Acts. How was God at work? Whom did Jesus empower to carry on the work of sharing the good news? As the power of the Spirit transformed the Apostles, we consider the characteristics or attributes the Spirit poured into them as a part of Jesus’ sending them to share His love with the world.
   Coming up:
   “Open” Acts 11:1-18 (May 15)
   “Directed” Acts 16:9-15 (May 22)
   “Empowered” Acts 1:1-11 (May 29)

Follow along with The Great Sending daily devotions.

Ukraine Assistance Efforts • To help those in Ukraine, we suggest these charities for your consideration: LCMS Ukraine Relief, Lutheran World Relief, or Lutheran Church Charities. And in addition to Ukraine, we remember in our prayers the many places where people’s lives are torn apart by war and violence, including civil war in Ethiopia, violence in Mexico from drug cartels, civil war in Yemen. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

VBS Registration Is Open – June 6-10 • June 6-10 from 9:00 am-12:15 pm daily. Preschool/VPK kids (age 4-5) and Elementary aged (have finished Kindergarten-5th grade). Full info is at
Register at https://vbspro.events/p/events/pop. For more information, check out PorP’s registered etio> on PoP’s VBS page

Preschool – Enrollment Now Open Enrollment is open for the upcoming 2022-23 school year! Please visit our website www.poporlando.com/preschool for more information, or to register. Space is limited so enroll now! If you know someone who is looking for a quality preschool and child development center for their child, please consider referring them to Prince of Peace!

Youth – National Youth Gathering Online FundraiserOur youth ministry is currently holding an online fundraiser to help with costs for those attending the LCMS National Youth Gathering this summer in Houston. We are inviting the entire congregation to have a part in this life-changing experience by participating in this fundraiser. Read more here

Fruits of Faith – Fruits of Faith refers to some of the objective measures we have of how God is at work in the lives of PoP/PdeP people: worship attendance (in person) and giving. We thank everyone for their faithful gifts and offering. We encourage all to consider contributing to fund our mission to God’s people here and in the community.

Worship Attendance: May 1
9:00 Traditional: 97 | 11:00 Contemporary: 55 | 11:00 Español: 68 | TOTAL: 220

April 17 offerings:   $11,224
April 24 offerings:   $11,959
May 1 offerings:       $10,437

Compassion Project works with the Samaritan Resource Center and the Healthcare Center for the Homeless and the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. Go to http://www.poporlando.com/compassionproject/ to see our recently updated list of needed items! There is a collection site in the church office hallway. Your financial gifts, as noted on your offering envelope or online, will be used to purchase any needed items that weren’t donated. Thank you for being the Heart, Hands and Feet of Jesus in the Heart of Orlando!

Our Preschool has a Scholarship Fund was established to help families with the cost of their tuition. This fund has been used much more recently to help support many of our families throughout the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, there is an increased demand for assistance. Our current monthly demand is $2,500. One of the families that utilizes the funds are members of our congregation, as congregation with a school we should do everything possible to make sure members have means to attend our school. This fund allows us to continue to spread the message of Christ through our outreach to families in our community. Please be generous; the need is great. Click this link to give online: www.poporlando.com/give

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Health & Safety Guidance: If you are not well, please stay at home and join us for worship online. Updated CDC recommendations (March 10, 2022):  Orange County’s COVID-19 Community Level is LOW. If you are immunocompromised, learn more about how to protect yourself.



Hospitalized: Janet Gunnoe (ICU; daughter of Mike and Julie Fleming), Carlene L., Bill Martin

Recovering: Jayson Gerken, Joanne Hahn, David Lawrence-Hawley

Healing and Strength: Chris A, Lynn A, Dave & Mary Ann A, Rebecca B, Delores B, Donna C, Steven D, Gail E, John Elmore, Ginny Fussell, Eric G, José G, Dennis G, Bob H, Merle K, Carlene L, Joyce Miller, Cindy S, Meridith S, Sonja T, Hans T, Caitlyn T, Cricket Winters, Leon W, Kristen W, Bob & Linda Z

Receiving Treatments: Barbara B, Sarah vB, Jan F, Dorothy R, Rev. Brian Roberts, Elena S, Marleen S, Cathy S, Jeff S, Joni S, Janet V, Amber V, Debbie W, Dayton W, Belinda W

Continued Care: Chuck B, Kelly D, Eleanor E, Colleen E, Linda H, Minnie H, Linda J, Bill J, Joan K, Kathy K, Mary K.M, Todd O, Annette R, Betty S, Michael, Noel, & Roger V, Harry W, Gloria W

Special: We give special thanks today for God’s gift of our mothers. • We thank you, Lord Jesus, that you were completely committed to Your mission to save the world. We ask that we would be committed to Your word of grace so that we would be built up to carry out the mission of sharing Your love in word and deed. • Have mercy upon any who are in war-torn parts of our world (Ukraine, Ethiopia, Mexico, Yemen). Deliver the people from violence and war. • We ask the Lord to be with President Biden, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court, as well as all state and local leaders. • Thank you, Lord, for all our front-line healthcare workers. • We pray for those who serve our nation in the armed services. We also ask the Lord to over and keep our first responders.

The Love of God the Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

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