Joining Jesus on His Mission

Sermon Series: June 14 – August 2

In the midst of complex and confusing times, our Lord keeps things rather simple: The God of love has sent His Son for you and me and for all people. His love may be beyond human comprehension but is it every bit as real as it gets, transforming hearts and lives. And while none of us can fully get our arms around the issues and challenges in our world, nothing in all creation is beyond our Lord’s reach. The good news is that our Lord has gotten His arms around us and marked us as His own (baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). In fact, the God whose name we bear has created us for this moment so His love could flow through us. Jesus, who died for all, who rose again in victory, who has given us His Spirit, has invited us to join Him on His mission. In His power, we can do this.

We want a book in the hands of every worshiper! The quickest way for individuals to receive the book would be through an online seller such as Amazon; their retail price is $15.99. There are also e-books and audio books available from online retailers.

We will have limited number of books available to pick up from the church office.

The books are NOW AVAILABLE!
Click the link below to buy your book & arrange to pick it up.

The suggested donation for these books is $15.00 for English, $5.00 for Spanish.
*books in Spanish are available for a reduced cost due to a grant the publisher received