Men of Prince of Peace

The Men of Prince of Peace (MOP) provides an opportunity for all men of the congregation to volunteer to help the church maintain the facilities in top shape while eliminating the need for the church to “hire out” expensive labor tasks that most of us are capable of doing ourselves. Most of these jobs entail simple painting or property maintenance, but occasionally we find opportunities to use the special talents or equipment of members. An example of this was when many members were tasked to spread mulch in the landscaping beds on the Church the grounds. While many provided the labor, one member brought a tractor with a front loader which he used to relocate the mountains of mulch to where others could easily rake it into the beds. We also maintain a listing of volunteer electricians, tile/Brick layers, and plumbing volunteers from Prince of Peace. In this regard we also help out our elderly members upon request to the Pastor or MOP President. We take on tasks to save them money and for safety reasons. We coordinate all work with the Senior Pastor.

The MOP normally meets in the Family Life Center the first Saturday of each month at 7:00 am. Our very talented kitchen crew prepares a hot and hearty breakfast, which is served by the Pastor to all hands. Then, after a very brief business session, we split up into groups to go about our assigned jobs. Most are finished and we are on our way home by 10:30 am, so many of us can then go do more of the same chores around our homes.Announcements are placed in the Sunday Crosswalk bulletins so that men can know in advance what the planned tasks are for the next meeting. This lets us know what kind of tools are needed that we might bring from home, and how we should dress for the upcoming MOP activities.

The Men of Prince of Peace is an excellent opportunity to build strong, quality bonds with other men in the congregation, while helping to keep the church facilities in a condition that we can all be proud of calling God’s home at the corner of Semoran Boulevard and Curry Ford Road in Orlando. Come join us for a gratifying work party experience. We are also active with the political committees of District II in Orlando working and supporting new improvement projects for our District around the Prince of Peace Church property. Please come and join in the fun — work and recreation provided! Also, please offer a ride to the church to a buddy who might like to help our Church grow.

For more information please e-mail Ron Henderson Sr.
Welcome aboard! Thanks again for wanting to help Prince of Peace grow!