Board of Directors Nominations

Congregational Meeting is Sunday, June 12, 12:30 PM

Board of Director Nominations
Slate announced May 22, 2022

Here is the slate of candidates nominated to serve on the Board of Directors: Kurt Bickel*, Nina Cavalli, Daryl Flynn, Cathy Graf, Jim Ingersoll*, Brooke McKinnon, Tony Steinbronn, and Chad Swanson (* signifies “incumbent”) Full candidate bio’s can be found here.

Semi-annual Congregational Meetings are one way you can invest in the ministry of Prince of Peace/Príncipe de Paz. At the June meeting, members are elected to the Board of Directors and updates for key ministry initiatives are presented.

Additional nominations may be submitted online and must be received by June 5. It is acceptable for members of PoP/PdeP to nominate themselves. Below are the by-laws that outline our process.

The nominating committee consisting of the continuing directors and pastor shall draw up a slate of nominees for each vacant position on the Board of Directors. An eligible nominee shall be an active voting member (Article V and VI of the Constitution) of the congregation. Each nominee shall be contacted to verify his or her willingness to accept the nomination. Additional nominations by any voting member may be made during a two-week period following the publication of the slate of nominees as chosen by the nominating committee. Such additional nominations shall be made in writing to the chair of the nominating committee, providing said nominee meets the requirements for eligibility above and has expressed his or her willingness to serve. Prior to balloting a final slate of all nominees shall be published. Elections shall be held during the May/June congregational meeting. The installation of newly elected directors will take place on a Sunday prior to the July meeting of the Board of Directors. In the event of a tie vote for any director, a second ballot shall be cast etc., until one candidate has a majority.